Health insurance is one of the most discussed dilemmas. Poorly named, “health insurance” only covers instances when you are NOT healthy. Don't they want us healthy enough to prevent an issue?

Ultimately, your health is in your hands.

No one wants to feel sick or be in pain. Right? So why wouldn’t more people choose wellness care? Unfortunately, wellness care is not a covered service by any insurance company, but it is none-the-less important for your overall health.

Wellness care is preventative maintenance. It offers the chance to get your nervous system balanced, nutrition on track, and improvement in overall health. When a patient chooses to continue with wellness care, they are preventing the future use of their health insurance.

Chiropractic is just like all other healthy activities.  You continue to eat healthily, exercise, shower or get adjusted and you continue to enjoy the benefits of a healthier life.  If you don't continue these activities, you lose the benefits that you've worked so hard for.  Unfortunately, you don't normally notice them slipping away until something drastic happens.

At that point, your body is already hurting or feeling sick. Again, what sense does it make that once you feel bad, then you can use your “health” insurance? None!

Now I won’t argue that health insurance is great for emergency situations like if you cut your arm off or are giving birth. But I’ve personally seen firsthand, surgeries that doctors swore to my patients they needed, that were avoidable with chiropractic care and continuing wellness care! These include common chronic pain suffering such as knee and shoulder pain.

It’s mind blowing! When will people wake up and realize that wellness care can be such a turning point in their lives? And that their health insurance is only useful when they are already NOT healthy or worse, already in pain.

I’m sure “sick insurance” wouldn’t sell very well, but that really is the most accurate name for it.