Most likely since you were a little kid you've been choosing a New Year's resolution. Whether you plan for it before the end of the previous year or you choose what your resolution is on the first of year, it's always represented a new change or goal. I know mine as a kid would be to either read this many more books or spend this much more time at practice trying to get better at a certain skill.

It's exciting to think about. Every year we truly feel we get a fresh start in one area of our life. It gives us hope and something to strive for. However, most of the time, the idea eventually wears off on us. We either just give up because we don't see progress or we simply just don't care enough anymore to continue to work for it. Imagine this, every year we all eat cleaner, increase our workouts, make more time for family, go to church, etc. and we actually stick with it!!! Imagine how great we would feel! If only it were that easy.

It might feel very overwhelming to suddenly think, “oh it’s January let’s start tossing out all the bad foods for the rest of the year.”

Here’s the key to making your goals reality: break down your resolution to something more attainable. Pick one area of your life to improve on and just work on that one! Many resolutions become broken promises because they never were attainable. The goal was either unrealistic or realistic but too overwhelming to strive for all at once. Change your mindset into striving for little progress. For example, don't say I want to loose 30 pounds this year. Start with 8 and focus all your attention on those 8 pounds. Once you've accomplished that, strive for another 8. As you continue to advance to the next "little" goal, you'll naturally be motivated to continue by the success of your previous goal.

It’s all about balance. No one is perfect. No one will be perfect at eating better right away and sticking with it. No one will be perfect at working out 5 times a week and never miss a day again. These things just don’t happen. What can happen is that you recognize the work you do put in. Strive for progress and you will feel successful in your resolution.

This is YOUR year for consistent progress!!!