Unfortunately, our daily activities are creating or worsening an already present imbalance in our bodies. I’m not talking about just physical activity such as working out or playing outside with your kids. I’m talking about sleeping on your side, sitting for long periods of time, or holding a child on your hip. Just think about how many people sit all day at work, sit during their commute to and from work, and sit on the couch when they get home. It’s a ridiculous amount of time spent sitting! These are the sometimes unavoidable, yet always unrecognized, daily activities that ruin our posture and symmetry in the body.

Now I know there are some people who read that and said “that’s not me” and that’s great! I love anytime I hear someone that who doesn’t have to sit all day and does workouts routinely! However, just because you work out routinely does not mean you are doing it right. Many people who work out do not have the correct form and I see that first hand all the time.

In fact, even those that pay for a personal trainer are not being taught the correct form. They fail to correctly assess the client before they begin training and might never correct the client even during the workout. How annoying is that to think about? Think about paying money to get fit, slowing down your results, or exposing yourself to future health problems because they aren’t showing you proper posture. A workout without the correct form might be doing more harm than good.

Bad form and posture in those little everyday activities or exercising is going to do some wear and tear on your muscles and joints. Your body will continue to be asymmetric. The outcomes that we are trying to avoid are chronic pain and injuries. And yes, they are avoidable!

My goal of this blog is that I shed some light on incorrect form during exercising! Working out should NEVER lead to an injury and harmful health issues. They just don’t go hand in hand so if I can prevent that from happening then I will!

Corrective exercise is not a generic program. It is a customized plan created specifically for your unique problems and unique goals. Not a single body is the same, so why would a corrective plan be same?

Through teaching proper form, as well as at home exercises and stretches, I am able to balance the body. A balanced body will help prevent injuries and immobility.

Now that sounds like a win to me!