Obese Americans account for about 13 percent of the world's obese people, and studies show that this number is on the rise. With the rise in obesity we see the rise in drug prescriptions for hypertension, diabetes, depression and other obesity-related illnesses. 59 percent of American adults are now taking at least one drug. Most people don't know that you can see a chiropractor to help with weight management.

The bigger concern is childhood obesity. Obese children significantly increase their risk of suffering obesity-related illnesses and complications far earlier in life. In fact, obese children as young as 8 now display signs of heart disease.

Parents don't intend to make unhealthy food choices for their children. In fact, most parents believe they are making healthy food choice when most of the time they are not. This happens because processed "diet" foods are advertised as healthy and nutritious when in reality they are just as bad as any other processed junk foods. The most important thing you can do to make healthy choices for your family is to learn to read food labels.

If you learn to read food labels and educate yourself on serving sizes and ingredients you will be better prepared to make healthier choices when doing your grocery shopping. A rule of thumb is to stick to the outside walls of the store. That is typically where the produce, fresh meats, and dairy are located. Foods that do not spoil are a big red flag and you should always read the label to know what is in them. Fresh and healthy food help with weight management.

Research suggests these five factors contribute to obesity and poor health, and they all need to be considered if we are to successfully address this obesity epidemic:

Processed food
Chemicals (in food, environment, and everyday household products)
Antibiotics (in medicine and in food production)
Lack of sleep

If you or your child are overweight you don’t have to figure out all of the answers alone. We have the ability to help find the root of the problem and address it in an educated and healthy way. It is only when you find the true cause of the problem that you can continue on your path to healing and overall wellness. Let us help you on your journey.