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In our society, people are usually looking for a quick fix to health problems. All of us have, at one time or another, wished for a magic pill or potion that would restore our health instantly.

But the truth is it has taken years for your body to get to its current state. Your choices and lifestyle over a period of years may have led to:

Heart Disease





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Weight Loss

Ear Infections

Dr. Kris McClusky

Dr. Kris is the President and Founder of ChiroWorks and the National Director of Zurvita.

With a Doctorate in Chiropractic, Dr. Kris’ mission is to help people live a higher quality of life. He is compelled to share his story about how chiropractic care saved his life as a teenager, when other doctors could not provide him any answers. Since then, it has become his goal is to ensure that every man, woman and child have access to disciplined chiropractic care and proper nutrition.

Dr. Kris is also passionate about educating other doctors and patients which is why he started his podcast, “Wellness Works.” In addition, Dr. Kris has been asked to share his powerful message as a guest Peter Nielsen’s nationally syndicated radio show, “Peter’s Principles” as well as in Success From Home magazine, and as a keynote speaker at many events, including the Association of Teacher Educators and Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company.

Dr. Kris was recognized as the Chiropractor of the Month through Chiropractic Leadership Alliance and as a Rising Star in Zurvita.

Family and community are very important to Dr. Kris and he enjoys being a father, husband, coach, friend, and board member. When he is not straightening spines, he can be found on the sidelines coaching football and baseball, or hunting and fishing with his friends.

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Why ChiroFit?

ChiropracticWorks is proud to be associated with a number of local fitness centers to help you stay active, fit and up your athletic game.

Click the link below to learn more about some fantastic fitness centers including Foundation Training.


Why ChiroZeal?

ChiropracticWorks offers programs which have a proven track record in helping with weight loss, nutrition and overall quality of life.

ChiroZeal provides your body with a complete spectrum of nutrient dense botanicals for balanced nutrition.

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